About fibre red

fibre red has re-emerged for a limited time in 2018/19.  We continue to design and make all garments in Melbourne, using 100% natural fibres.  

fibre red is committed to maintaining a business with integrity, with an awareness and working response to environmental and ethical issues in relation to wool production and the fashion industry.  Our knitwear is made on 1970’s, non-electric, domestic knitting machines, using Australian merino wool, organic and mercerised cotton, mohair, cashmere and silk. Our coats and long pants are sewn in Brunswick.

fibre red is available from our store at:

9 Ballarat Street, Yarraville VIC 3031

Additionally, orders are taken via phone and email:

phone: 0466 443 239

email: enquiry@fibrered.com.au

fibre red is no longer available for wholesale purchase or at regular market events.

fibre red performance.jpg